Inner Banks Boxers of Blounts Creek Farm

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Inner Banks Boxers will make every effort to provide you with a healthy puppy.  We guarantee this puppy is purebred and able to be registered with the AKC. We guarantee that all vaccinations and wormings have been given as stated on the vaccination schedule.  We encourage the buyer to
have this puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian of their choice within 48 hours of taking possession of this puppy.   If this puppy is found
to have a life threatening hereditary congenital defect or any major health problem at this exam, a replacement puppy of equal value will be
given, provided that the seller is notified within 24 hours after the exam. This puppy must be returned to the Breeder along with the AKC
registration papers within 24 hours, at no expense to the breeder, with a signed document from the licensed Veterinarian stating the defect or
problem.  We the breeder are not responsible for
any veterinarian bills acquired by you, the buyer.  This guarantee does not include uneven
bites, undescended testicles,grade 1, 2, and 3(by discretion) heart murmurs,  injuries, fleas, mites, ringworm,  kennel cough, hernias, Coccidia, giardia or any other intestinal worms or parasites, as they are common in dogs and puppies.  The breeder will not be responsible for Parvo, Distemper or Corona Virus after 48 hours of the sale, as these are highly contagious diseases and they can be contacted immediately after leaving the Breeder.  We will not be responsible for illness or health problems, which are diagnosed after this time period, except where stated in this

Your puppy is guaranteed for one year from the date of birth against life threatening congenital defects.  If within that time a life threatening
congenital defect (not to include parvo virus, distemper virus, heart-worms or any nutrition related disease) is found by a licensed veterinarian,
the breeder will replace the puppy with another puppy of same  quality and price.  The replacement will be subject to availability.  The puppy will be replaced and no money will be refunded.  The purchaser must provide, at the buyer’s expense, a written statement from a licensed veterinarian.  We, the breeder, are not responsible for any veterinarian bills acquired by you, the buyer.  We will not be responsible for illness or any health problems which are diagnosed after this time period

In the unlikely event of this puppy’s death in the first year due to congenital defect, a statement from a Veterinarian confirming such an event
and cause is required before any action will be taken by the breeder.  If cause is unknown, an autopsy is required.  The Breeder will not be
responsible for veterinary or medical bills incurred.

Pet puppies are sold on limited registration only. It is agreed to and required that every pet puppy be spayed or neutered before 9 months of age.

Show and breeding prospect puppies are sold on full registration. We do not guarantee that your puppy will achieve a title, or guarantee that
your puppy will be able to be used for breeding purposes when full grown. It is understood that at the time of sale, this puppy has the
characteristics and pedigree that is desirable for conformation competition and breeding purposes.

Your puppy has been on a vaccination and de-worming schedule here and is up to date and these records will be provided to you.  Please take
these records to your veterinarian, as it is very important to continue with these vaccinations and wormings after you get your puppy home.
Please do not forget the annual booster after that.

Refusal of Sale

Inner Banks Boxers reserves the right to refuse the sale of any of our Boxers to anyone, at any time, for any reason, if we believe the sale will not be in the best interest of the puppy!!  In the event we refuse to sell, all money paid will be promptly refunded.


Inner Banks Boxers does ship our puppies nationwide through our puppy nanny service for a fee of $475, all inclusive.  International adopters, please inquire for rates.  We fly our puppies out of RDU, which is a 2.5 hour drive from our farm.  We prefer to ship Monday mornings, but will work around our new families schedules as much as possible.   Inner Banks Boxers cannot and does not assume any liability for any animal once it leaves our farm!!  Shipping is very safe, we have never had any problems, and it is very convenient!!  Shipping can make owning the puppy of your dreams a reality even if it is in another state!!   We can only ship to major airports that are able to accept animals!! We also offer ground transportation from our farm in Blounts Creek, as time allows. Pick up at our farm is available and is encouraged so you can see where your puppy came from, meet the parents, and see how it was raised.  Although we try our very best to accommodate our new families schedules and special requests, sometimes special accommodations and requests cannot be granted due to work schedules, family obligations, or a variety of other reasons.  Thank you for understanding!!


Our puppies typically range in price from $1500-$5000, and are priced as indicated.   However, we do reserve the right to charge more for an exceptional show quality puppy!!





Ear Cropping & Microchipping

Ear cropping can be done for an additional $500.  Puppies must be paid for in full before they have their ears cropped.

Microchipping is now offered for a fee of $60.


In order to maintain the health of our dogs and puppies, we have had to implement "No Visiting" hours or tours of our home.  Our new families are welcomed to our home for visitation starting when puppies turn 6 weeks of age.

Stud Service

In order to protect our bloodlines, we do not offer "stud service" to any outside dogs!!  We have worked very hard to maintain healthy, happy Boxers that have exceptional temperaments.  Thank you for understanding!!  


We accept Cash and Credit Cards  (additional 5% fees on total apply--no exceptions). All payments must clear 72 hours prior to shipment or pick up. Deposits on puppies are $400 and are non-refundable to hold puppy until 6 weeks of age.  We unfortunately are unable to hold a puppy or a pick without a deposit.  If shipping is required, payment in full is expected by the time the puppy reaches 6 weeks of age--no exceptions!!  If puppy will be picked up at our farm in Blounts Creek, the balance must be paid in cash only at pick up!!  We do not release any puppy to their new families until they are at least  8-10 weeks of age, are naturally weaned from their dams, and are eating solids well on their own--no exceptions!!


Do your research before committing to any pet!! Please don't purchase a puppy or any other animal on a whim, because the day will come when the novelty has worn off and you are tired of caring for them!!  Inner Banks Boxers does not give refunds!!   We will, however, take one of our Boxers back if you are no longer able to care for it. We offer this service no questions asked, but without offering any type of compensation!! We will in turn find it a knowledgeable home!